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Fourth-Grade Curriculum

Pathways Fourth Grade Curriculum

The Fourth Grade Teacher’s Guide is provided herein as it was taught during the full scale study of Pathways. You are invited to download this guide containing all lessons, student materials, posters, family packs etc. necessary to teach this curriculum. Please note in doing so that there are items that will need duplication for student use, enlargement in the case of the posters, and reorganization of envelopes for the Family Packs.

It is important again to emphasize that lessons are to be taught in sequence in order for students to build skills. Weeks One through Six may be taught sequentially in a separate block as was done during the Fall in the study. Weeks Seven through Twelve need to also be taught sequentially after the first six weeks as done in the Spring of the study. This time frame allowed teachers to effectively manage their daily schedules and provided reinforcement for student learning.

Download the 4th Grade Teacher's Guide by week lessons:

Week  1A - Our Story Continues - part A [PDF]
Week  1B - Our Story Continues - part B [PDF]
Week  2 - Our Cues to Exercise [PDF]
Week  3 - Everyday Foods: Our Best Choices [PDF]
Week  4 - Advertising: Our Everyday Snacks [PDF]
Week  5 - Water: Our Everyday Beverage [PDF]
Week  6 - Cooperation: Our Strength [PDF]
Week  7 - Planning: Our Key to Exercise [PDF]
Week  8 - Choosing: Our Low-Fat Foods [PDF]
Week  9 - Practicing: Our Great Race [PDF]
Week 10 - Label Reading: Our Skills Building [PDF]
Week 11 - Decision Making: Our Stores [PDF]
Week 12 - Finale: Our Pathways Great Race [PDF]
4th Grade Student Portfolio Materials [PDF]

A Procedures Manual was developed for use in training teachers using a Train the Trainers model. The process to set an agenda for training and the scripting of lessons are contained within this manual. In addition, there is a detailed listing of the materials needed in putting together a Teacher Box for teaching the Fourth Grade Curriculum.

Description of the Pathways Fourth Grade Curriculum

In the fourth grade curriculum, Amanda and Daryl White Horse continue to learn more about nutrition and physical activity in the Pathways Nations through storytelling, maps, a Helping Hands Quilt, and participating in a Great Race. A Pathways Story Stick allows for the monitoring of goal setting activities in the lessons. Teamwork is emphasized in the Fourth grade as students work together to complete the activities in various lessons.

The thematic approach in the Fourth Grade revolves around the Great Race as students first learn about the race between the two-legged, the four-legged and the winged creatures. Following this, students begin planning for their own Great Race. This involves goal setting and the daily charting of their physical activities as well as learning to be positive about themselves.

An introduction of the "Sometimes Foods" provides students with foods that are to be eaten only once in a while. This information is used in contrast with the "Everyday Foods" in activities that require students to make food choices. Taste testing Everyday Snacks builds an awareness of snack foods and the amount of fat in these foods. Likewise, a trip to a local store provides students with an opportunity to determine the availability of healthy foods. Students learn to read the labels on food products to reinforce their skills in making healthy food choices. They also learn about the amount of sugar in beverages and can identify those that are Everyday Beverages.

Download the 4th Grade Family Packs:

Weeks 1-2 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Weeks 3-4 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Weeks 5-6 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Weeks 7-8 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Week  9 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Weeks 10-11 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]
Week 12 - 4th Grade Family Packs [PDF]

Errata for the Fourth Grade Curriculum:

All references to the pronunciation of O' odham should be written as Ath-thum for both Akimel and Tohono.

All references in lessons, posters, and student materials for Milk, Cheese, Yogurt should reflect the current proper labeling due to these changes during the period of this study:

New LabelingOld Labeling
Fat Free Milkskim milk
2% Reduced Fat Milk2% milk
1% Lowfat Milk1% milk
Fat Free Chocolate Milkskim chocolate milk
1% Lowfat Chocolate Milk1% chocolate milk