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UNM Health Sciences oversees several research institutes and centers. Our research endeavors are aimed at meeting the needs of New Mexicans. We’re focused on providing health care to at-risk populations, creating health care equality and improving the overall health of our communities.

Dedicated to Innovation

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The Brain and Behavioral Health Institute harnesses the efforts of top UNM researchers, clinicians and educators. We deliver state-of-the-art treatment, research initiatives and education about brain and behavioral health to our New Mexico community of patients, families, advocates and providers.

This new center will focus on providing excellent clinical care to older adults. Care will be provided in multiple settings including outpatient, inpatient, nursing home, home care and palliative care in order to improve independence and quality of life in our patients.

The Center for Health Care Equity in Kidney Disease (CHEK-D) is a new research center focused on comparative effectiveness and disparities research, especially among members of minority and other vulnerable groups. The center fosters support for scientists and clinicians in basic, clinical and translational research and helps them to translate their research into high-quality kidney care that’s accessible to all patients, especially those with chronic and end-stage kidney disease.

The Memory and Aging Center was created in 2016 to specifically help patients with various types of neurologic conditions that affect cognition and behavior, with an emphasis on disorders that affect older individuals. It is the only center devoted to Alzheimer’s and dementia research and treatment in New Mexico or the Mountain West region.

CNAH specializes in American Indian student and tribal health workforce development and community-based education, research and service.

This center is committed to sustainable solutions and creative pathways for improving the health and well-being of Indigenous people by enhancing and supporting the capacity of learners, scholars, providers, advocates and leaders.

This institute works with UNM School of Law graduates to help at-risk families navigate social and economic hardships that may be creating stress and impeding their health.