Ethical Animal Use

    Office of Animal Care Compliance

    MSC08 4560
    1 University of New Mexico
    Albuquerque, NM 87131

    Physical Location:
    Biomedical Research Facility
    G37 H and J

    Phone: (505) 272-0418
    Fax: (505) 272-8738

    Ethical Animal Use

    It is required that all animals owned or used at the University of New Mexico (or Branch Campuses) for research, teaching or exhibit shall receive proper care and be used humanely in accordance with Public Health Services (PHS) Policy, the Federal Animal Welfare Act and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) procedures and guidelines.  Anyone who has concerns about the treatment or use of animals or witnesses improper or unapproved animal care or use procedures should report their concerns.  Reports can be made anonymously to the UNM Anonymous Hotline or by directly reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Research.  Reports made to the Attending Veterinarian, IACUC Chair or Office of Animal Care Compliance will be immediately reported to the Vice Chancellor for Research who serves as the Institutional Official's designee.  No employee, Committee member, or laboratory personnel shall be discriminated azgainst or be subject to any reprisal for reporting violations of any regulation or standards under federal regulation and University Policy.

    UNM Anonymous Hotline (open 24/7)....................................1-888-899-6092

    Vice Chancellor for Research, Health Sciences Center.........272-6950