Medical Clearance

    Medical Clearance to Work with Animals

    Initial Animal Contact Health History Questionnaire – If you are new to UNM or new to working with animals, click here.

    Annual Animal Contact Health History Questionnaire – If you have completed an EOHS Animal Contact questionnaire previously, click here. Then just email the completed questionnaire to

    Employee Occupational Health

    COEHP   (505-272-8043)
    • WHO needs COEHP clearance?
      • All persons who are paid by UNM campus wide must be medically cleared to handle animals, their blood or tissue.
    • WHEN do I need medical clearance to work with animals?
      • Annually
    • WHERE is COEHP located?
      • COEHP is located in the Family Practice Building on the HSC Campus.
    • WHY do I need this?
      1. Working with animals presents its own unique health and safety issues not usually found elsewhere in the University. Risks Include:
        • Zoonoses such as viral and bacterial diseases, skin diseases or parasites
        • Bites
        • Animal allergies
        • Latex allergies
        • Other hazards involved in research such as radiation, infectious diseases, or chemicals.
      2. Individuals working with animals must be aware of these risks and the precautions necessary to protect themselves.