Health Sciences Policy Office

Welcome to the UNM Health Sciences Policy Office.

Health sciences policies apply to all health sciences faculty and staff, regardless of your department, unity, clinic, college or facility affiliation. Each department may have additional guidelines; please contact designated point persons, listed below, for specific information.

The Policy Alignment Workgroup (PAW) supports a system approach to policy alignment and integration. We welcome all suggestions, questions or concerns. Contact the Health Sciences Policy Manager, Gail Hammer, at for more information.

Maintain High Standards

Learn about federal, state and local laws and regulations through the HSC Compliance Office.

Policy Points of Contact

Kathy Agnew
Human Resources or

Alison Webster
UNM Hospitals & SRMC Medical Staff Affairs

Natalie Plata
Co-Chair PPG Committee

Irene Agostini, MD

Linda Bugdanowitz
Health Information Management (HIM)

Erika Cole
Children’s Hospital

Andrea Solano
CTH Children’s Outpatient

Cynde Tagg, DNP
Outpatient Clinics

Ryan Randall
Human Resources

Linda Morey
Adult Psychiatric Center

Mario Cruz, MD
Behavioral Health

Purvi Mody

Ivana Bononcini
Lab Services

Meaghan Carey Eiland

Angela Vigil

Courtney McKinney
SRMC Quality

Matthew Wilks, MD
SRMC Faculty

Paul Villani
SRMC- PT Access/Forms/HIM/Finance

Paul Nelson
SRMC Quality Director

Kimberley Schneider
Lab Services

Janet Abernathy
Quality Programs

Sandy Schafer
Quality Programs

Renee Ayala
Quality Manager

Cathy Rivera

Alan Saint
Truman Quality

Barbara Zamora
Health Services/Contracting

James MacFarlane
Research Operations