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Zoom Video Conferencing

ZOOM is a High Definition video conferencing and desktop sharing software.  Simplified video conferencing and messaging across any device.

By default, anyone in HSC can use Zoom with a basic account which has constraints in hosting a meeting (40 minute limit on group meetings for example).

  1. Go to and click the ‘Sign in’ button.  At the login page, use your HSC network credentials (the login you use for your computer), this will create a basic Zoom account.


In order to be upgraded to a Zoom Pro License, you will need to:

  1. Make sure you have signed into Zoom at least once using the instructions above
  1. Submit a Zoom Pro license using the following form:


Informal use of Zoom to conduct healthcare services involving direct patient interactions are not allowed. Proposals for conducting healthcare services can be submitted to the Center for Telehealth.

Minimum Safeguards (no private or confidential information):

Safeguards are required for all video sessions. The base level safeguards block threats involving misuse of the service, disruptions of the session, modification or destruction of content, and/or unauthorized access to the video session.

When establishing or scheduling video conferencing services and sessions, the requester must indicate the intended purpose and whether private or confidential information will be shared during the video conference session.

Minimum for all video sessions:

  1. Require a password: Attendees must provide the password for the session joining the meeting. Procedures for sending the passwords are provided by the enterprise service provider or established by the department and may be embedded in unique links sent out prior to the meeting.
  2. The Zoom feature to record a sessions should be disabled by default. If recording is allowed or required participants should be notified that the session is being recorded. If any confidential information is included in the recording the access, storage, and sharing of the content must include security safeguards approved by HSC IT security.

Required for confidential or private sessions:

  1. Do not publicly post the session information or password: To join an unlisted meeting, attendees must provide a unique meeting number and password.
  2. Exclude the meeting password from email invitations: Send the password separately from the email invitations that are automatically sent to attendees.

Additional resources for Zoom hosts and Zoom Administrators

  1. Meeting and Webinar Best-Practices and Resources
  2. Zoom hosts are responsible for being aware of and following best practices guidance for using Zoom. Exceptions to these practices require IT security review prior to implementation.

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Join our training events for an in-depth review of Zoom's services.  Submit your questions and interact with us! All attendees receive a recording of the event.

The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download here.

The Zoom Plugin for Outlook installs a button on the Microsoft Outlook tool bar to enable you to start or schedule a meeting with one-click.

For all of you Zoom needs, please visit us at Zoom Support

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