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Frequently Asked Questions

Supervisory approval is required to apply for the HSC mentoring program.  Your supervisor is responsible for supporting and approving the time needed for mentoring meetings that occur during working hours as well as supporting you with the time needed to meet with your mentor/mentee. Please reference Policy 3300, Section 7.6.
We recommend having a discussion with your supervisor once you start your mentoring partnership regarding your goals, meeting schedules and anything else you wish to share. We recommend mentors do not meet individually with your supervisor without your permission. Mentors/mentees should agree, up front, on what is confidential and what is expected regarding your communications.  Additionally, your supervisor will be invited to the close-out sessions and will be asked for feedback on the program.

A mentoring relationship will provide numerous advantages, such as:

Mentee Benefits

  • Acclimate more quickly to the organization’s culture and expectations.
  • Develop professional contacts.
  • Receive feedback on skills, technical abilities and knowledge.
  • Develop social relationships where employees can share thoughts, test ideas and clarify issues.

Mentor Benefits

  • Expand your own knowledge by gleaning from the experience, talents and skills of other employees.
  • Enhance leadership skills in such areas as interpersonal communications, teaching and providing feedback.
  • Contribute to an environment of well-being and propriety.
  • Recognition as a role model by peers.
No. Participation in the program is not a guarantee of a promotion. However, the relationship between you and your mentor will help you recognize what your particular strengths are and how to make the most of them. This self-knowledge will help you to determine a career direction, and the skills you'll gain during your partnership may help you to be a more qualified employee, build a network with other professionals and add another accomplishment for your resume.
There is no "tuition" or fee for participating in the program. The orientation and workshops are a benefit of participating in the program.


  • A mandatory, in-person and/or online orientation for both the mentor and the mentee where you'll meet each other and get a chance to familiarize yourself with the expectations and concepts of mentoring. 
  • Six in-person meetings or in an engaging virtual environment workshops that provide information on various topics helpful for mentoring partners. Mentees are required to attend, in person and/or online at least three sessions. Mentors are highly encouraged to attend, in person and/or online, the workshops with their mentee.
The program should inspire career growth and development, while not interfering or imposing upon an employee’s responsibility to their position, particularly with regards to release time to attend mentoring activities. A mentee in the mentoring program can expect to devote approximately two to three hours a month toward the program and a mentor can expect to devote approximately one to two hours a month.
You may contact the HSC Mentoring Program Committee at any time with questions, concerns or ideas. We start your mentoring partnership with an orientation/introduction workshop and end your mentoring partnership with a celebration at the conclusion of your mentoring agreement.
Applications are solicited from mentors and mentees from HSC via email submission. The HSC Mentoring Program Committee will work to match individuals based on the information provided on their application. We match to the needs of the mentee, finding the mentee someone who has the background and interest to help them achieve their goals. If, in the event we cannot find a suitable mentor, you will be asked to wait for the next rollout so we can find an appropriate mentor.
Yes. Mentoring takes commitment and time on the part of both the mentor and mentee. It is very important that people choose to become mentoring partners in order to help the mentee be successful in the program.
No. Location is not essential for a successful mentoring partnership. If you prefer an HSC employee in your department or have a preselected request, please make a notation on your application and we will do our best to meet your needs. Please note supervisors may not serve as your mentor and that the program does not include main campus staff.
This mentoring program was developed for HSC staff employees only. At the moment, UNM HSC faculty have their own mentoring program that is managed through their respective college. Please contact your college for more information about the mentoring possibilities available for faculty.
In the event that either the mentor or the mentee are not comfortable with the match, the HSC Mentorship Committee will try to match you with a new mentor. Participants are only allowed one rematch during the program. Please note, however, that due to the limited number of participants in the program, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a new match in the same cohort.
Participation in the program is completely voluntary. If you feel that it's not for you, you may resign from the program by emailing the program at

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