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How We Help HSC

All social media channels of The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center are maintained by designated staff members. We follow the university's core values and uphold the brand.

If you have an announcement, event, or other information you would like on one or more of our social media outlets, we are here to help!

Guidelines for Networking

  • Patient information is always confidential
    We always adhere to The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which means we do not release confidential information without consent of the patient.
  • Consider your audience
    Think about who is on each social media channel and where your message will resonate most when requesting a post.
  • Be trustworthy
    Building a strong social following is best built on trust. We understand that you may want to get a message out and attract people's attention. However, sharing our story should never be embellished with misleading information.
  • Be respectful
    Always include copyrights and credits when applicable. Acquire written permission before using photos or posting quotes.
  • Maintain branding
    HSC Style Guide information can be obtained here.
  • When in doubt, ask
    We are here to help!