New Year, New Semester, Let’s Bujo

January 30, 2020

Students participating in bullet journalingThe Center for Native American Health (CNAH), in collaboration with the Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board (AAIHB), hosted a two-part Bullet Journal (Bujo) workshop on January 28 & 30, 2020. As students march full force into the new semester, CNAH wanted to share tools for productivity and balance. The workshops introduced bullet journaling, goal setting, notetaking, and time management.

Part one taught students the basics of bujo and it was further explained using the Diné Education Philosophy of thinking, planning, living, and reflecting. Students were able to design their own bullet journal and set up the key components. Students learned about using bujo as a tool to track habits or tasks.

StudentsPart two of the workshop covered productivity and organization. Students mapped out their goals and ways they can apply their bullet journals to achieving those goals. Participants were also able to view the presenter’s personal bullet journals to see how customizable it can be for each individual.

We’d like to thank our partner AAIHB and Savannah Gene for collaborating with us.

CNAH will be hosting future Bujo events. For additional details, contact CNAH at or 505-272-4100.

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