CNAH hosts IHS Scholarship Info Session

January 23, 2020

IHS Scholarship Info SessionsOn Thursday, January 23, CNAH partnered with IHS Albuquerque Area to host the IHS Scholarship Info Session. The session was open to the public and was also live-streamed for students not able to attend in person.

Dr. Leonard Thomas, M.D. and IHS Albuquerque Area Office Director, kicked off the session by sharing his experience with the IHS Scholarship Program and offered advice about the application process. He was introduced to the Scholarship Program through an IHS Scholarship Coordinator who helped him apply. This interaction connected him to other student opportunities like the IHS Externship Program.

Dr. Thomas spotlighted our Albuquerque Area Scholarship Coordinator, Michelle Aguilar-Bowser, and encouraged students to connect with her as she is an excellent resource. Following Dr. Thomas’s remarks, Michelle Aguilar Bowser presented on the IHS Scholarship covering eligibility, how to apply, and what the scholarship funds cover.

IHS Info SessionFollowing this presentation was a panel featuring scholarship recipients, Dr. Julianna Reece (ABQ Area Chief Medical Officer) and Captain Wil Darwin (ABQ Area Pharmacy Consultant). Capt. Darwin’s advice to the students was to be unique and set yourself apart from the other applicants. He also advised applying to as many scholarships as possible.

Dr. Reece said motivational words about steps students can take to build their success such as giving yourself internal deadlines for schoolwork, make to-do lists for your day, and do not procrastinate.She also expressed to students that the 2 to 4-year return service for the IHS Scholarship Program is very doable and guarantees you work experience.

We appreciate the IHS representation in the room that day. The speakers and panelists were all able to chime in and answer questions and share advice. Students were also able to network with the speakers and other health professionals after the event. A special thank you to our partners at IHS for taking the time to participate in the IHS Scholarship Info Session. Good luck students!

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