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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biochemistry is the science of life. We strive to answer questions like:

What is the chemical basis for health and disease?

How are all living creatures alike – and different?

Can we meet human needs by manipulating the DNA of bacteria, plants and animals?

Explore how we’re discovering fundamental answers to life's questions about ourselves and our chemical relationship with the environment.

Biochemistry Newsletter

Earn a bachelor’s degree while working in our School of Medicine. Then keep going. Our interdisciplinary graduate program offers MS and PhD tracks in biological, medical and translational sciences.

Mentoring with Cutting-Edge Research: Karlett Parra, PhD

“There are great students at UNM. Seeing some of them grow and become successful scientists is a great satisfaction. Working with women of different backgrounds—including women from a culture similar to mine—and watching them follow their own path is priceless.”

Dr. Parra in her office.


The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is dedicated to diversity.