Emergency Medical Services Academy

The Emergency Medical Services Academy at the University of New Mexico is one of the premier programs for EMS education in the world. Founded in 1972, the Emergency Medical Services Academy is the lead EMS training agency for New Mexico where we deliver accessible top-quality EMS education throughout the state. The Emergency Medical Services Academy faculty actively participate in state and national teaching, committees, conferences and pre-hospital medical research.

The mission of the University of New Mexico Emergency Medical Services Academy is to provide outstanding prehospital medical education and educator training; to serve as a resource for EMS workers, particularly those in underserved areas of New Mexico; to pursue new knowledge and advance the practice of emergency medical services.

The vision of the University of New Mexico Emergency Medical Services Academy is to be a national center of excellence in emergency medical services education, with a strong commitment to improving prehospital care throughout the state of New Mexico. Our community of teachers and learners will promote the delivery of excellent and compassionate health care and will pursue knowledge and discovery in the field of emergency medical services.

Excellence and accountability in the conduct of education, research, patient care, and community engagement; Diversity that values the unique characteristics of all people and that is actively sought at all levels within our community; Integrity, professionalism, and ethical behavior that embodies the principles of altruism, beneficence and justice; promotes patient care, learning, research and productivity through relationships based on courtesy, civility and respectful communication; and is worthy of the trust and respect given to us as teachers, scholars and healers. Social responsibility demonstrated by discovery and teaching about the social, economic, and cultural contexts of New Mexico people’s health; Creativity and innovation that translates research into individual and community health benefits and medical education into population health literacy, that accelerates health technology diffusion to all corners of the state, and that transforms the science of clinical care into a healing art.

Education at the EMS Academy

The Emergency Medical Services Academy offers EMS training courses from First Responder through Paramedic, continuing education, state and national license renewal opportunities for all levels of EMS, specialty courses, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Medical Services. The EMS Bachelor Program is one of the largest, most competitive and nationally recognized programs of its kind in the United States.