We are pleased you are considering training in Internal Medicine at The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center. The Internal Medicine residency program has a long and proud history of attracting excellent physicians from around the country and the world. Our program offers a wonderful mix of clinical experience, research mentoring, and innovative educational practices. Our strengths include our people, our camaraderie, and our sense of teamwork. We value the diversity of our patients, students, residents, faculty and staff. 

UNM has a national reputation for excellence in all the medicine sub-specialties and our research programs are especially strong. The New Mexico population is unique, and our residents routinely work with patients of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. While most clinical rotations occur at the University Hospital and the VA, residents have the opportunity through electives to work in private practices, rural settings, and international locales.  

We have structured our program around the philosophy that residency is a time to focus on your education and that each resident has unique needs. For that reason, we continuously improve and adapt the residency experience in response to housestaff feedback to ensure that each resident gets an excellent educational experience tailored to their individual interests. The attitude of continuous improvement is also demonstrated in our commitment to patient safety and high value care. We value the principles of evidence based medical practice, and the importance of scientific curiosity. Education is a priority for our faculty and the size of our program facilitates a collegial learning environment. 

Mark Unruh, MD                              Department Chair  

Jennifer Jernigan, MD                      Program Director 

Mary Lacy, MD                                Associate Program Director 

David Olson, MD                             Associate Program Director 

Cassie Shaw, MD                            Associate Program Director 

Doran Bostwick, MD                        Associate Program Director 

Sarah Combs, MD                           Associate Program Director 

Angela Dunn, DO                            Associate Program Director 

Annashia Shera, MD                        Associate Program Director