UNM HEaRT Courses 


The outcome of many medical emergencies can be improved by early care from a trained bystander. UNM Heart Emergency and Rescue Training (HEaRT) provides first aid, emergency decision-making and CPR and AED training in the community . 

HEaRT training can give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage a medical emergency until emergency responders arrive. Essential responsibilities of a first aid provider include: 

  • Recognizing a medical emergency 
  • Making the decision to help 
  • Identifying hazards and ensuring personal safety 
  • Activating the EMS system 
  • Providing supportive, basic first aid care 

First aid does not require making complex decisions or having in-depth medical knowledge. Its easy to learn, remember and perform. 

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Course Offerings

This course trains lay rescuers to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies until emergency medical personnel can take over. This combined CPR and AED program is applicable in community and workplace settings.

 In this class, you will learn: 

  • Characteristics of specific blood borne pathogens, such as HIV 
  • Infection and transmission modalities 
  • Exposure protocols 
  • Personal protective equipment protocols 

This class is scheduled by request only. Please contact us at 505-272-8364 or HSC-AED@salud.unm.edu.

Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death among adults in the U.S., and it can occur without warning. Without early recognition and care from a bystander, the person may not survive.  

Upon completion of this training courseyou will be able to describe how to recognize and provide first aid treatment for sudden cardiac arrest.

Upon completion of this training program, you will be able to describe how to recognize and provide treatment for choking of adults, children and infants. 

C-PRO will teach you how to:  

  • Demonstrate one-rescuer adult, child and infant CPR on a manikin, and how to use an AED 
  • Demonstrate two-rescuer adult, child and infant CPR on a manikin 
  • Simulate obstructed airway treatment of a conscious adult or child  
  • Simulate obstructed airway treatment of a pregnant woman and person who is obese 
  • Demonstrate obstructed airway treatment of a conscious infant on a manikin 
  • Simulate obstructed airway treatment of an unconscious adult, child or infant  
  • Demonstrate the use of various breathing tools, such as masks and bag-valve masks

In this 50-minute class, you will learn to:  

  • Assess a victim of sudden cardiac Arrest 
  • Call 911 
  • Perform chest compressions 
  • Recognize the signs of a heart attack 
  • Save someone who is choking  
  • Learn how to use an AED 

This class offered by request only. For more information, please contact us at 505-272-8364 or AED@salud.unm.edu.

This is a review of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Early Defibrillation course. Upon completion of this training program, you will be able to describe how to recognize and provide first aid treatment for sudden cardiac arrest.