Department of Pathology Residency Program


The Department Chair

The Department Chair impacts the experience as a resident because he or she is ultimately responsible for the quality of the faculty and for the tenor of the relationship between faculty and residents; hence, he or she substantially affects the quality of your education. Dr. Nancy Joste is currently Interim Chair.

How the Chair Supports Residents

  1. There is an annual allowance of $1400 for residents to purchase books and/or attend professional meetings.
  2. The Chair provides up to $1300 for residents to attend meetings at which they give a platform presentation or exhibit a poster.
  3. Resident office space was recently renovated, which created expanded room for each resident to have a personal desk and improved conference space and IT equipment for photograph and projection from the microscopes.
  4. The Chair supports a senior resident to serve as a representative to the resident forums of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and the College of American Pathologists.
  5. The Department supports a pathology multimedia center for assistance in assembling professional-quality slide and computer presentations, posters, and manuscript illustrations.
  6. First and foremost, though, Dr. Joste advocates superior training of pathologists.

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