COC offers a wide range of services to help support individuals with disabilities or chronic illness, their families and those that support them.

Consultation with Experts

The Continuum of Care Project has established a network of medical professionals at the University of New Mexico and around the state with expertise in developmental disabilities who are available for consultation. Specialty areas available include Pediatrics, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Neuro-Psychiatry, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Nursing, Dentistry, Psychology, and Social Work. We can also arrange linkages with nationally recognized experts if necessary.

To request a consultation, please call the main CoC phone line (505) 925-2350; or toll free at 1-877-684-5259. You may also send a fax to (505) 925-2389.    In some locations, consultation will be offered via telehealth.  Consultations can be arranged with professionals in any of the above mentioned disciplines and in various settings.  Appointments can be made to meet with a single consultant or with a team of professionals in a multidisciplinary setting.  Outreach consultations are provided on a limited basis.


"The intent of this initiative is assessment and prevention, as opposed to taking a punitive approach, by assisting provider agencies in recognizing and managing aspiration risk."

Aspiration is the process by which gastric or oral contents enter the laryngeal of lower sections of the tracheo-bronchial tree, causing cough, wheezing, intermittent dehydration, atelectasis and potential respiratory failure and death.

Please see the documents below for more information about this initiative and developed screening tools.


Client Health Updated Medical Summaries (CHUMS) are wallet sized medical records, developed by physicians at UNM, containing essential information to assist emergency personnel and medical consultants in identifying essential components in the medical history.

It also contains information on medications, allergies, immunizations, and relevant names and numbers of professionals involved in their care. The Continuum of Care Project provides CHUMS for free in New Mexico and for a nominal fee outside the state.

To order CHUMS and instructions call:
Main: (505) 925-2350;
Fax: (505) 925-2389;
or toll free 1-877-684-5259.


Telehealth Services


Outreach through Telehealth is an effective strategy to provide training, education and access to specialized services in a rural state.

Through telehealth connections and utilizing our core team and regional champions, the Continuum of Care extends its reach statewide.

CoC Telehealth offers professional consultation,  multidisciplinary team consults, and DD/MI clinics.  In addition, we also use telehealth to deliver training on developmental or intellectual disabilities to medical providers, case managers, medical students, health care learning centers and regional offices.

For more information, please contact:
Continuum of Care IT or call 505-925-2331

UNM DDMI Telehealth Users Group (DDMI-TUG)

The DDMI Telehealth Users Group (DDMI-TUG) meets monthly to discuss using telehealth to foster collaboration between multiple sites for purposes of teaching, sharing clinic cases, and problem-solving barriers to care in different regions of New Mexico. 

The DDMI-TUG  meets on the second Monday of each month from 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. Mountain time.  Groups from around the state can join the meeting by video conferencing from a H.323 compliant client that has been approved by the Center for Telehealth such as a public polycom machine or Vidyo on a UNM computer.  The UNM HSC Center for Telehealth maintains a map of the public polycom machines throughout the state,  The group welcomes participation from all interested persons and groups throughout New Mexico.  If you are interested in attending from a remote site or connecting from your personal computer, please contact the Center for Telehealth for the name of your local contact person or instructions on how to connect.

Click here for powerpoint presentations from previous meetings.