Just in Time Learning

Just in Time Learning (JiTL) web pages contain checklists, FAQs, short how-to videos, interactive tutorials, and links to other resources.

Those listed below are available in the Continuous Professional Learning section via HSC's Moodle platform. 

  • Effective PowerPoint Slide Design with the Assertion-Evidence Model
  • Peer Instruction with Clickers
  • Preparing Learners Online
  • Teaching with Cases
  • Team-Based Learning
  • Providing Feedback to Your Learners
  • Teaching in the Clinic or Hospital
  • Understanding Learning
  • Facilitating Small-Group Learning
  • Writing Questions for Learning and Assessment
  • Creating and Aligning Learning Objectives

Mini-JiTLs in Your Pocket

These abbreviated JiTL resources are just a tap, or click away from your smartphone, tablet or computer for use during your work.

JiTL Flips in a Minute  JiTL Peer Instruction  JiTL PPT with Assertion-Evidence

JiTL Feedback with Good Judgment JiTL Teachable Moments JiTL TBL

JiTL Teaching with Zoom