Director's Message

Thank you for your interest in the Undergraduate Pipeline Network (UPN) Program at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center.  Our goal for the UPN program is to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to explore their interest in research all while helping them attain the skills needed to apply for and eventually succeed in graduate/professional schools. Students accepted into our program gain the practical experience of applying their academic knowledge, which better prepares them to have a profound effect on the research field. The program accomplishes this over 10 summer weeks, during which students participate full-time in independent research projects, skill-building workshops and structured collaborative activities.  Furthermore, our scholars present their research in a statewide poster presentation and are also encouraged to present their work at national conferences.  Together, these experiences prepare our UPN scholars for future academic work in graduate, medical and professional school programs.

Strengths of our program include the dedicated and talented faculty, trainees and staff, at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences who devote their time and energy to encouraging the next generation of scientists.  Moreover, the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center is a cutting edge health research center with more than $145 million in grants each year and more than 20 clinical trials.  We are one of the few smaller institutions in the country that have both an NIH funded Clinical and Translational Science Center as well as an NIH funded Comprehensive Cancer Center. Together, these resources provide exceptional scientific and technological capabilities that make the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center a unique and an exciting place to train.

In addition to their newly acquired research and skills training, UPN scholars benefit from lasting relationships developed during their summer experience. Long after the program ends, UPN scholars maintain productive interactions with their faculty mentors and many members of their research teams. Additionally, UPN scholars truly benefit from the cohort experience, maintaining lasting relationships with their fellow UPN scholars as they proceed through their academic and scientific careers.

In closing, I just want to add that we are truly proud of our UPN scholars whose selection into competitive programs throughout the country is a testament to the positive research experience and the career development opportunities offered by our program. Each summer, we are impressed and energized by our cohort of scholars, who bring their excitement and passion for learning and their commitment to improving health care opportunities. So, if you are interested in a competitive research opportunity in the beautiful setting of the southwestern United States, I hope you will consider applying for our UPN summer research experience.

Jennifer M. Gillette, Ph.D.
Director, Undergraduate Pipeline Network Program
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center