NMARC Seminars – Fall 2023 

“Treatments for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders” 
Jennifer Thomas, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, San Diego State University 
Thursday October 26, 2023 

“Behavioral interventions to mitigate the effects of developmental alcohol exposure on brain grey and white matter” 
Anna Klintsova, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of Delaware 
Thursday November 16 2023 
New Mexico Alcohol Research Center 

1 University of New Mexico 
Albuquerque, NM  87131 

New Mexico Alcohol Research Center

1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Administration Core

NMARC’s Administrative Core provides scientific and administrative leadership for the entire center program along with the administrative support and budgetary oversight of all NMARC-related activities. The Administration Core consists of the Center Director, Dr. Daniel Savage, the Scientific & Associate Director, Dr. Fernando Valenzuela, and the NMARC Program Coordinator. The Administrative Core serves as the point-of-contact between NMARC, its Internal Steering Committee, External Program Advisory Committee and NIAAA Program Officers

The specific aims of NMARC’s Administrative Core (AC) are to:

1. Administrative Leadership and Support. The AC provides administrative leadership and support for all the NMARC-affiliated investigators and activities. All NMARC investigators receive routine administrative support. The Admin Core also arranges all NMARC-related meetings, manages logistical arrangements for NMARC-sponsored seminar visitors, the Annual FASD Day Symposium and the Annual NMARC Meeting with the PAC, and oversees the Pilot Project Program.

2. Scientific Leadership. The AC works closely with all NMARC-affiliated investigators, helping them achieve the specific aims of their individual research projects while advancing the specific aims of the center as a whole. The AC encourages and facilitates collaborative research interactions and communication through the monthly NMARC Investigator Group meetings with all NMARC investigators, working to increase the integration of preclinical and clinical research projects. The AC also works to build NMARC’s research capacity through oversight of the center pilot project program, continued efforts to recruit new faculty investigators to NMARC, building research collaborations with other institutions and encouraging the training of future FASD investigators.

3. Resource Allocation. The AC manage all issues related to resource allocation within the NMARC and strives to maximize the synergistic utilization of research resources within the center. The AC facilitates NMARC investigator access to other resources within the university.

4. Knowledge Dissemination. The AC works to enhance knowledge dissemination activities by encouraging investigators and their trainees to present their research at national and international scientific meetings and through support of our NMARC Seminar Series, the Annual FASD Awareness Day Symposium, a NMARC Webpage, and expanding our community outreach activities.