NMARC Current Research and Core Components

Diagram of P50 Research

Research Synopsis

Pre-Clinical Research

On the preclinical side, we have a group of projects that will use a common model of FAE to investigate different facets of the actions of ethanol on neurodevelopment The first two projects focus on the hippocampus: one assessing GSK3B inhibition as a potential intervention for alterations in neurogenesis; the other focused on impact of maternal care on hippocampal neurogenesis, plasticity and behavior.

Translational/Clinical Research 

Next, we have a project that will investigate the effect of PAE on cortico-striatal alterations in the context of executive function, and another project that will evaluate neuro-immune alterations in the spinal cord, leading to neuropathic pain. Complementing these studies, we have a series of clinical studies focused on the development of bio-behavioral markers and novel biomarkers of ethanol exposure. Component 6 will use combined behavioral and functional neuroimaging to assess executive control and information processing by measuring pro-saccades and a sustained attention to response task (SART) in FASD adolescents.  This project is closely integrated with preclinical component C5.