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Our campus is like no other. From the beautiful greenery and traditional buildings of main campus to modern landscape of the Health Sciences. The hidden–and quiet–study spots, the not so quiet recreational activities and the state-of-the-art classrooms and labs. There is something for everyone.

Don’t take our word for it. Explore for yourself.

UNM Main Campus

unm flag

UNM where Each of Us DEFINE All of Us.

duck pond

The duck pond. Something for everyone – even the turtles.

lobo at duck pond

Enjoy the view at the duck pond and catch a glimpse of one of our Lobos.


Take stroll in the afternoon. Find some shade just past the duck pond.

alumni association

Visit the first campus building, where our Alumni Association is happy to give you a tour.

balloon above campus

Look up. Spot a hot air balloon – or several – on your morning walk to class.

beauty on campus

Take in all the inspiring beauty.

the u at hogan hall

The University’s U will light up for athletic wins during the season.

zimmerman library

Find a grassy spot outside of Zimmerman Library to study or just take a break.

blue sky above campus

Have you ever seen skies so blue?

blooms on campus

When the campus is in full bloom it is jaw dropping.

cactus flowers

Cactus flowers – enough said.

outside zimmerman library

Stop by the Zimmerman Library for all your research needs. Take a break from the heat in quiet indoor studying spaces.

bikes on campus

Bike friendly? Of course.

frontier restaurant

Don’t miss out on the out of this world breakfast burritos at the Frontier.

lounges outside dorm

And finally, relax outside the dorms.

Health Sciences Walking Tour

nursing building

Academic advising, tutoring, administrative services and classes. All waiting for you at the Colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy building.

Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education

The Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education – the center of the UNM Health Sciences Campus.

Health Science campus

Health Science campus – modern buildings under a big sky.

bistro food

Enjoy coffee, breakfast, lunch or just grab a bite to go at the Happy Heart Bistro.

leaving the bistro

Back to class at the Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education after a coffee break at Happy Heart Bistro.

inside domenici

Peek inside the buildings.

domenici hall

Halls not only to walk from class to class but to sit, stop and study.

patio view

The patio view at the Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education.

domenici classroom

Learn in our state of the art classrooms with some of the best views of Albuquerque.

students in classroom

Fully equipped classrooms designed for all class sizes and learning environments.

walking down the stairs

Heading to the bookstore for supplies and lobo gear.

stuffed lobo

Everyone is a Lobo.

outdoor activities

Reset your mind with some outdoor activities on the lawn between classes.

walking on campus

The Health Sciences Library and Information Center – is always around the corner and ready to meet your research needs.

birds eye view

Birds eye view of the Colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy building.

class in the nursing building

Time for class inside the College of Nursing and Pharmacy building.

student in class

Collaborative learning in the classroom.

walking on campus

After lab is over in the Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education it is time to head home.

steps away from the hospital

Just steps away from UNM Hospitals – the states only Level 1 trauma center.

outside the buildings

Health Sciences campus also has traditional buildings.

snow on campus

There is nothing prettier then campus layered in snow – that melts by lunchtime.

Study Habits

3 students studying on lawn

With 310 days of sun, it's always a good day to study outside - in the shade of course.

pergola on main campus

Find your perfect spot under the greens and pergolas on UNM main campus.

student on studying by the duck pond

Study with a view at our iconic duck pond.

students on grass

Study, chat, nap. Anything goes on the precious New Mexico grass.

blue, green and orange tables

Colorful tables waiting for you at Smith Plaza.

2 students studying under a tree

Step outside the College of Nursing and Pharmacy building and study in the shade.

students studying under the pergola

The pergolas are the ideal location to cram with your classmates before your next exam. Or just have some lunch.

3 students at a table

The Domenici Center offers best indoor studying nooks on Health Sciences campus.

students in hall talking

Or just have a meaningful conversations with your friends.

2 students in hall with laptop

Classmates helping each other before their next class.

2 students in lobby

Enjoy the cool air and beaming sunlight in the lobby.

4 students outside

Study – or chat – outdoors on the Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education patio.

2 students in front of large window

Take in the views from Health Sciences Library and Information Center.

student on treadmill in library

Workout and study in the Health Sciences Library and Information Center.

2 students studying at library table

Shhh… more studying in the Health Sciences Library and Information Center.

student studying at table

Take a break after simulation for a quick study session in the student lounge.

student studying on bed

At the end of the day is there a better place to study then inside your dorm?

Tour the Simulation Lab

Unique lab to prepare tomorrow's nurses in an active learning environment.

Tour UNM Main Campus

Whether you live across town or across the country, participating in a campus tour is one of the best ways to experience UNM Main Campus.

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