Facts and Figures

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center is thriving in an increasingly challenging biomedical research landscape, having attracted $200 million in extramural funding. Our funding success is a tribute to the inspired work of our faculty, students and staff, who continue to break new ground in so many areas and have done a terrific job of putting UNM on the map as a center of research and innovation. This achievement caps more than a decade of continual growth in extramural funding and highlights our focus on developing major new discoveries that improve the health and well-being of New Mexicans.

Highlights FY 2019

  • $190.2M in FY2019, a 2.6% increase over FY2018
  • Funding for Pediatric Clinical Trial Network $1,840,315
  • SubEnterprise of 3rd COBRE
  • Renewal of the CTR-IN $3,999,869 (total per year) / $532,317 (UNM HSC per year)
  • Clinical and Translational Sciences Center $22,725,000
  • ASCEND Grant $3,000,000
  • C06 Grant $4,000,000

UNM Health Sciences Center Research Generated F&A Funds and Distribution Flow

Top Slice Committee

The Chancellor for the Health Science Center has established the “Top Slice” Committee with the objective to evaluate Top Slice expenditures each year and make recommendations for adjustments as needed.  In addition, the committee provides a projection for F&A revenue for the following year.

The Top Slice Committee submits the evaluation report with projections and recommendations to the Chancellor on or before February 15 each year.

Composition of the Committee:

The committee is chaired by the Vice Chancellor for Research. Committee membership is composed of the following:

  • Senior Associate Deans for Research (or equivalent) from each college/school
  • Executive Vice Dean for the School of Medicine
  • Dean, College of Nursing
  • Dean, College of Pharmacy
  • Dean, College of Population Health
  • Two Signature Program Leaders
  • Executive Officer for Finance and Administration, Sr. Executive Officer
  • Director of Finance for the School of Medicine
  • Chief Budget and Facilities Officer, Sr. Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Services Officer, Sr. Executive Officer
  • Representative from the HSC Faculty Council
  • Program Planning Officer, HSC Office of Research

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Papers and Publications

Collection of papers and publications from our community of researchers and scholars.

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2020 Legislative Priorities

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