Research Priorities


Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, MD, NIMHD Director, Visit with Zuni Pueblo (September 2019)

Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, MD, NIMHD Director, Visit with Zuni Pueblo (September 2019)

Program of Research

  • Scope of current, completed and future projects include developing and testing interventions to:
    • Determine how social determinants of health contribute to race disparities in Kidney Transplantation (study completed, papers published and under review)
    • Reduce disparities in evaluation for kidney transplantation (study underway)
    • Improve the health of kidney transplant recipients (study underway)
    • Improve the nutrition and monitoring of CKD and ESRD patients (study underway)
    • Improve knowledge base of living kidney donors and their family members  (study underway)
    • Assess the influence of COVID-19, and healthcare system response to it, on disparities in access to kidney disease care (proposal to be submitted September, 2020)
    • Empower CKD patients to actively participate in their care, improve patient-provider communication and patient-reported outcomes (proposal to be submitted October, 2020)
    • Improve general practitioners’ knowledge about CKD care (proposal in progress)
    • Increase access to kidney transplantation for vulnerable patients (proposal in progress)
Health and Human Services Initiative to Advance Kidney Health

Center for Healthcare Equity in Kidney Disease


The CHEK-D is committed to significantly and positively impacting research, education and outreach activities to increase healthcare equity and reduce disparities by partnering with dedicated faculty, staff and community leaders.

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