Strategic Plan

Attend routine meetings across all specialities and centers, including CTSC, Office of Research, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Division of Nephrology

  • Serve as the scientific hub of kidney-related research at UNM, and provide the infrastructural support for rigorous internal grant review, biostatistical support and evaluation.
  • Attend routine meetings across all specialties and centers, including CTSC, Office of Research, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Division of Nephrology
  • Inform these groups of the new and ongoing projects at CHEK-D, providing continuing education about the positive impact of current health equity/disparities grants and research studies
  • Create a collaborative environment to obtain research support from fellow investigators who may be interested in partnering on various projects
  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of existing clinical practices
  • Cross-training of clinical staff on effective mechanisms to increase equity in medical practice
  • Integrate multifaceted health services components into nephrology clinical practices by translating community-based evidence to feasible health equity interventions
  • Create a summer intensive research training program, supplemental scholarships and traineeships for minority and underrepresented students
  • Obtain NIH-funded training grants for minority and underrepresented fellows
  • Grow and maintain a diverse faculty at UNM HSC to connect with new and incoming trainees
  • Connect current faculty with incoming trainees who also share common personal, cultural, and developmental experiences
  • Maintain strong support from leadership and diverse appointment committees, network with historically minority-serving universities, engage in transparent hiring and promotion practices, enhance efforts in minority faculty retention, and demonstrate a climate of cultural awareness and support
  • Connect with key organizations who have a vested interest in ongoing kidney research and implementation of overall health initiatives
  • Apply for PCORI funding with our community partners
  • Engage participants in community-based participatory research that would improve kidney health and reduce disparities in kidney health care
  • Inform the community regarding scientific knowledge about evidenced-based kidney care in a manner that is culturally relevant and sensitive
CHEK-D Team with Visiting Speaker, Vanessa Grubbs, MD (April 2018)
Special Grand Rounds with Lilia Cervantes, MD and Larissa Myaskovsky, PhD, CHEK-D Director (January 2020)

Center for Healthcare Equity in Kidney Disease


The CHEK-D is committed to significantly and positively impacting research, education and outreach activities to increase healthcare equity and reduce disparities by partnering with dedicated faculty, staff and community leaders.

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