Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Analytical and Translational Genomics (ATG) Shared Resource (formerly Keck-UNM Genomics Resource, KUGR) provides access to next generation sequencing assays, microarrays, and other genomics technologies coupled with expert bioinformatics analysis. ATG is available for use by all faculty at UNM and its affiliates, and all investigators are encouraged to contact ATG to find out how we can help with their research.

The University of New Mexico Cytometry research group operates a central research facility, bringing together the necessary tools for UNM scientists to perform fluorescent cell analysis, sorting, and High Throughput Screening. The resource provides instrumentation, service, training, computational resources and technical expertise workshops.

The Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource aids basic and physician researchers to image samples and publish high profile articles. The Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource provides UNM researchers access to state-of-the art instrumentation for multiple fluorescence and transmitted light microscopy techniques.

The Human Tissue Repository and Tissue Analysis Shared Resource (HTR-TASR), which is funded by the Cancer Center and the Department of Pathology, have been set up to facilitate the translational research of the faculty in the Cancer Center, the Department of Pathology, the School of Medicine and across Institutes. These webpages describe the services offered and contact details of people in the HTR-TASR who can help and advice on tissue availability and all aspects of histology and molecular pathology.