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Regional Anesthesia

Learn about our Fellowship Program

Regional Anesthesiology Fellowship

The University of New Mexico has been described as the "Southwest's best-kept regional anesthesia secret" by the American Society of Regional Anesthesia. It could be because anesthesiologists at the UNM School of Medicine’s Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine perform more than 4,000 peripheral nerve blocks a year, excluding neuraxial blocks or eye blocks.

Most of our regional anesthesia techniques are guided by ultrasound. Blocks we perform include:

  • Interscalene
  • Supraclavicular
  • Infraclavicular
  • Axillary
  • Elbow and mid-humeral blocks
  • Superficial cervical plexus
  • Intercoastal brachial
  • Lumbar plexus
  • Femoral
  • Lateral cutaneous nerve
  • Obturator nerve
  • Saphenous
  • Parasacral
  • Labats
  • Subgluteal
  • Anterior sciatic
  • Lateral and posterior popliteal
  • Ankle
  • Ilioinguinal/iliohypogastric
  • TAP
  • Rectus sheath 
  • Paravertebral

Residents rotate through three hospitals and typically log 500 peripheral nerve blocks during training, which is one of the highest in the country. This is partly due to our strong relations with the orthopedic department.

In addition to monthly didactic lectures and workshops on regional anesthesia, guest speakers are invited to make presentations.

Fourteen faculty members teach regional anesthesia courses, and many of them are proficient in peripheral nerve blocks allowing for peripheral nerve blocks to be performed after hours. 

Perioperative Pain Medicine

Nationally, the subspecialty of regional anesthesiology and acute pain management has been a rapidly growing and evolving field. At the UNM Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, we are setting the pace as well as the standards in regional anesthesia and perioperative pain medicine. There is currently a great depth and breadth of knowledge within our division, both in regional anesthesia techniques and acute pain management.

We provide subspecialty perioperative clinical care across four UNM Health System settings including the University of New Mexico Hospital, the Outpatient Surgical Center, Sandoval Regional Medical Center and UNM Children’s Hospital. We intersect all surgical service lines and specialties.

Patients rely on our skills to provide pain management for orthopedic surgery, general surgery and its subspecialties (pediatric surgery and patients requiring surgery without general anesthesia).

Large Knowledge Base

We have experienced faculty who keep up with the latest innovations and are considered experts in regional anesthesia and acute pain. With our local knowledge base and expertise, we host an annual national workshop and symposium that draws participants from all over the United States.