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Electron Microscopy Facility

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The Electron Microscopy Facility is located in the basement of the Biomedical Research Facility, Room B25, on the UNM Health Sciences campus.

The facility houses equipment used for examining biological structure and is open to UNM faculty, staff and students as well as to users from other institutions.

Contact Tamara Howard, manager, at 505-272-5637.

Scheduling and Fees

The facility is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Instruments are scheduled in advance on a first-come, first-served basis.


The electron microscopes are billed at $25/hour of beam time for UNM users. The rate for non-UNM users is $70/hour.

Training and service are $25/hour for UNM users, $50/hour for non-UNM users. Rates are subject to change.

The UNM Electron Microscopy Facility in Albuquerque is open to staff, students, faculty and others who would like to use the equipment for research. Please include the following acknowledgement on any publications that use data collected at the facility: “Data were generated in the HSC-Electron Microscopy Facility, which is supported by The University of New Mexico Health Sciences.”


New sers who wish to be trained on how to use the facility equipment should contact us to discuss project needs and to schedule training. The manager is available to assist with instrument and/or sample questions once training is completed. Users who demonstrate a suitable level of proficiency and responsibility may be allowed to use the facility after hours or on weekends.


  • Hitachi HT7700 TEM with a dual-mode objective lens to optimize for either high-contrast or high-resolution imaging, a tilt stage and digital imaging. Associated software can provide image stitching and tomographic reconstruction.
  • The Zeiss Sigma reads stage data from the Zeiss LSM800 Airyscan confocal microscope located in the Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource to allow for correlative imaging.
  • Preparative equipment, including ultramicrotomes and associated equipment for resin-embedded samples, CPD unit, carbon evaporator, and other ancillary lab equipment are also housed in the facility.


Many users prepare and image their own samples, but sample preparation for EM can be very time-consuming. Our team can assist by preparing and/or imaging samples. Contact the manager to discuss your project.