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Contribute to excellence in the neurosciences in New Mexico. Donate to the general fund for the Department of Neurosurgery or the UNM School of Medicine Neurosurgery Stroke Center.

Department of Neurosurgery

As an academic institution, The University of New Mexico Department of Neurosurgery in Albuquerque provides the state’s best care for patients and exceptional training for tomorrow’s surgeons. Since Howard Yonas, MD, founded the department in 2006, its growth has allowed patients to stay in New Mexico for expertise in:

Broad Range of Expertise 

Residents and patients benefit from access to department providers outside mainline neurosurgery. Neurocritical care specialists oversee the neurosciences intensive care unit at The University of New Mexico Hospital. The division of rehabilitation medicine works closely with spine surgeons, and our expert physiatrists improve patient outcomes.

Neurosurgical Research

Explore our groundbreaking basic and translational research designed to improve clinical care. Outstanding neuroscientists investigate recovery after head trauma and stroke. A team of clinical research specialists, with one registered nurse and three coordinators, conducts more than a dozen studies.