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Family Planning Training

The Ryan Residency Training Program

The University of New Mexico Family Planning Division’s vision is singular: to empower women through optimal reproductive health care. Through the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program, we extend this vision to our learners as well, by integrating comprehensive reproductive health care education, including opt-out abortion training, into UNM obstetrics and gynecology medical student education and residency training.

What is the Ryan Program?

The Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Program is a national program launched in 1999, in response to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education mandate that Ob/Gyn residency education include access to opt-out abortion training. Its mission is to improve and formalize training in all aspects of contraception and uterine evacuation, including pregnancy termination, for Ob/Gyn residents.

What Makes UNM’s Family Planning Training Special?

When you complete your Ob/Gyn residency at UNM, you will experience first-rate family planning training by fellowship-trained, nationally recognized leaders in the field. At the single academic referral institution in a minority-majority state, you will join us in delivering vital reproductive health care services to underserved, ethnically and racially diverse patient populations. Our welcoming and well-equipped clinical training site, the UNM Center for Reproductive Health, is a full-service family planning clinic providing:

  • Abortion care
  • Contraception
  • Endometrial ablation
  • Full scope of obstetrics and gynecology services
  • Hysteroscopic sterilization
  • In-office hysteroscopy
  • Management of first-trimester pregnancy complications
  • Miscarriage management
  • Sexually transmitted infection management

UNM also enjoys clinical rotation partnerships with local Planned Parenthood clinics.

Training and Opportunities

Ob/Gyn residents on the family planning rotation receive:

  • Extensive training in all contraception methods, including long-acting reversible methods (IUDs/implants)
  • Complete exposure to pregnancy options counseling, procedure counseling, and early gestational ultrasound training
  • Comprehensive opt-out training in first-trimester surgical and medical abortion and the opportunity to learn second-trimester procedures
  • Weekly didactic sessions, online modules, cultural competency and health disparities training
  • A wealth of reproductive health research opportunities and mentorship
  • Rich advocacy experiences through local partner organizations and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists New Mexico Section

What Does “Opt Out” Mean?

An opt-out rotation in abortion and contraception means that training in elective pregnancy termination is an expected and scheduled part of residency education. Residents with religious or moral objections can opt out of participating in pregnancy termination. However, participation is still expected in contraception counseling, pre/post-abortion care training, and management of pregnancy failure.

Resident Feedback

“This rotation gave such a great sense of varying levels of care as well as an overarching sense of the importance of research to continue advancing the field.” – Ryan Program resident

“One-on-one teaching with an attending as an intern – this is rare. Lots of procedures. Lots of opportunity to counsel over and over again to really get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Enough procedures that sometimes difficult ones were encountered. Training at an actual abortion clinic to get a feel for the disparities.” – Ryan Program resident

“Even at my experience level, I was treated as part of a team and allowed hands-on learning during office hours. This type of teaching gave me the exposure I needed to learn about the family planning aspects of obstetrics and gynecology.” – Ryan Program resident