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Eat Smart to Play Hard Adventure Directors

The Eat Smart to Play Hard (ESPH) Adventure Director is typically a school staff member who can actively lead the campaign in his or her school.

Adventure Directors are experts on their own school and know how to best implement the campaign to get the best results.

The role of an ESPH Adventure Director is to:

  1. Establish a date for the campaign and introduce it to the participating teachers and students.
  2. Promote the campaign by hanging posters and banners around the school and surrounding community and getting commitments to participation from community partners or organizations.
  3. Distribute all campaign materials to the participating classrooms.
  4. Help the 5th-grade students develop a “Champion’s Challenge.”
  5. Plan and organize the ESPH Fun Day at their school.
  6. Wrap it all up!

Director’s Timeline

4 weeks before the campaign:

  • Meet with your Community Coordinator to start training for ESPH.

2 weeks before the campaign:

  • Collect all campaign materials from your ESPH Community Coordinator.
  • Meet with teachers to discuss their roles in ESPH.
  • Begin hanging posters/banners around the school.
  • Start planning for your school’s ESPH Fun Day.

1 week before the campaign:

Distribute passports, progress posters, the introduction letter, the first newsletter, magnets, and other incentives to participating classrooms.

Week 1: Distribute the second newsletter and backpacks to students who return their passport signed by a parent on the first page.

Week 2: Distribute the third newsletter. Help plan Fun Day.

Week 3: Distribute jump ropes and 5th-grade ESPH Champion wrist bands.

Week 4: Help plan Fun Day and Champion’s Challenge.

Week 5: Help plan Fun Day.

Week 6: Help plan Fun Day.

  • Coordinate the Fun Day.
  • Collect passports and give them to your ESPH Community Coordinator.
  • The Community Coordinator will scan all the passports and return them to you.
  • Return passports to the students.
  • Collect remaining campaign materials from around the school and return them to your Community Coordinator.