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Eat Smart to Play Hard Champions

As “Eat Smart to Play Hard” (ESPH) Champions, the upper level (typically 5th-grade) students will serve as role models for the 3rd graders by encouraging them to complete the 5-2-1-O challenge. Leading by example, they are invited to complete the 5-2-1-O challenge with the 3rd graders and help facilitate an activity that will motivate them.

The Champions are asked to develop a fun and creative way to teach the 3rd-grade students about the importance of the behaviors of 5-2-1-O. Here are some suggestions on how they can accomplish that.


Suggestions include:

  • An active recess that 5th graders lead for the 3rd graders.
  • Writing a letter of encouragement.
  • Creating some artwork or pictures.
  • A play or skit about the healthy behavior goals of the 5-2-1-O challenge.
  • Game Show
  • Trivia Game

ESPH Champions who have completed the first 3 weeks of the passport will receive special wrist bands in recognition of their hard work during this campaign. These wrist bands will help distinguish the Champions and allow their 3rd-grade buddies to identify them easily.

In addition to helping with 5-2-1-O, the 5th-grade ESPH Champions will continue to participate in ESPH until the end of the campaign. This means they will continue making recipes and doing fun activities each week until the campaign is over.