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Eat Smart to Play Hard Community Coordinators

Community Coordinator

The Community Coordinator for Eat Smart to Play Hard (ESPH) is typically a Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Coordinator whose role is to oversee the implementation of the ESPH campaign at the participating schools in their community.

Community Coordinators are experts on their community. They have already helped implement initiatives that support healthy, active lifestyles in order to prevent childhood obesity and create healthy environments. As ESPH Community Coordinators, they will further empower their communities by helping elementary school-aged children and their families increase their daily fruit and vegetable consumption.

The role of an ESPH Community Coordinator is to:

  1. Determine which schools will benefit most from participation in ESPH and obtain permission from the school principals for them to do so.
  2. Find an Adventure Director at each school who is willing and able to actively lead the campaign at the school.
  3. Help the Adventure Director set up the campaign and organize the ESPH Fun Day.
  4. Remain available for questions throughout the progress of the campaign.
  5. Help wrap it all up!

Coordinator’s Timeline

7 weeks before the campaign:

  • Obtain permission from school principals to conduct ESPH.
  • Once permission is given, find a staff or faculty member who wants to lead the campaign as an Adventure Director and begin training him or her on the components of ESPH.
  • Begin contacting community organizations about being a part of each school’s Fun Day.

2 weeks before the campaign:

  • Distribute all campaign materials to the ESPH Adventure Directors.
  • Help hang posters/banners around the schools and community.
  • Send out an introduction letter to parents.

1 week before the campaign:

Help distribute passports, newsletters, a progress poster, stamps, and incentives to participating classrooms.

Week 1: Be available for support and to answer any questions.

Week 2: Be available for support and to answer any questions.

Week 3: Help implementer distribute incentives.

Week 4: Help plan Fun Day.

Week 5: Help plan Fun Day.

Week 6: Help plan Fun Day.

  • Attend Fun Day.
  • Collect, scan, and return passports to students.
  • Collect any remaining campaign materials from the schools.
  • Collect campaign materials from the community.
  • Collect progress posters from the teachers and return them to the PRC at UNM.