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Eat Smart to Play Hard Passport

The ESPH Passport is a booklet filled with fun activities and delicious recipes that take students on an adventure of healthy living! As with a traditional passport, this passport allows students to earn stamps, except that the stamps are given for meeting weekly nutrition and exercise goals. During the six-week campaign, students are also encouraged to track their daily intake of fruits and vegetables in an effort to help them increase their consumption of these foods. Students collect stamps  over the six-week period in an effort to earn prizes. The Fun Day is a celebration of their accomplishments and commitment to leading healthier lifestyles. The more stamps students collect, the more opportunities they have to  win fun prizes. The ESPH Passport is the primary campaign tool for achieving the goal of eating more fruits and vegetables.

At the start of the campaign, students are asked to: 

  • Sign and have a parent sign the pledge in the passport.
Your passport to fun

Each week, students are asked to:

  • Make a recipe at home that includes fruits and/or vegetables, and have parents sign off.
  • Participate in a fun activity, and have parents sign off.
  • Get their passport or class poster stamped by their teacher once a week, after the recipe and activity have been completed.

Every day, students are asked to:

  • Track their daily consumption of fruits and/or vegetables by using stickers provided in the passport booklet.

At the end of the 6-week period:

    • Students return their  passports to their teacher before the Fun Day.
    • After the stamps in the passports have been documented, they are returned to the students.


View passport recipes in our digital repository.