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Eat Smart to Play Hard Principals

As the school principal, you are the expert on how your school operates. Therefore, your support in the ESPH campaign is critical to its success in your school. We encourage you to get involved with this campaign and help your school ESPH Director in implementing it.

The role of the principal is to:

  1. Establish a start date for the campaign in your school with the help of your school's ESPH Coordinator, Adventure Director, and other staff.
  2. Make weekly announcements encouraging the participating students to continue completing their passports.
  3. Help establish a date for the 5th-grade ESPH Champions’ activity, event, or project.
  4. Help establish a date for the ESPH Fun Day, and make periodic announcements about it to promote student enthusiasm.
  5. Try to restrict sales of junk food in your school during the campaign and at the Fun Day, if possible

Principal’s Timeline:

4 weeks before the campaign:

  • Meet with the ESPH Community Coordinator to discuss participation in ESPH.
  • Determine a date to start ESPH in your school and a date for the Fun Day.

Week 1: Make weekly announcements to encourage students’ progress with their passports.

Week 4: Begin making announcements about the ESPH Fun Day.

Attend and support the Fun Day.