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Eat Smart to Play Hard Teachers


As a teacher, you know your classroom and students best!

Your support and encouragement in the Eat Smart to Play Hard (ESPH) campaign is a vital component of its success. Each school will conduct the campaign a little differently, tailoring it to the school. We suggest that homeroom teachers implement ESPH, but many schools have their special teams, such as PE or music teachers, take on this role. In planning ESPH, careful consideration was given to the current demands on educators, so we request only two minimal commitments from teachers:

  1. Stamp the students' passports and/or classroom poster once a week for 6 weeks.
  2. Motivate students to complete their passport.

Students will become more excited as the Fun Day draws near, so it shouldn’t be difficult to motivate them. Students and their families are responsible for completing the passport .Your school's Adventure Director can provide more information about ESPH.

Materials Distribution

At the start of the campaign, your school’s ESPH Director will distribute the following materials to each classroom:

  • Passports and bookmarks
  • Incentives (magnets, backpacks, jfoot bags or beach balls, and wristbands for Champions)
  • Introduction letter to parents
  • Newsletters
  • Stamps (to stamp students passports or class poster)
  • Class progress poster

Teacher's Timeline

2 weeks before the campaign:

  • Meet with your school’s ESPH Director to learn about your role in ESPH.

1 week before the campaign:

  • Send passports, introduction letter, and magnet home with your students.
  • Stamp the passports of and/or class poster for students who return their passport with both pledges signed, and give them their next incentive (backpack).
  • Check students’ passports every week, and stamp for those that have a parent/guardian signature for both the recipe and activity.
  • Send newsletters home every week.
  • Encourage your students to continue making progress on the passports.
  • Coordinate with 3rd-grade teachers to help 5th-grade Champions serve as role models for 3rd graders and conduct a 5-2-1-O activity.

Please return the following to the Adventure Director or Community Coordinator:

  • Any remaining unused passports
  • Extra incentives
  • Stamps
  • Progress posters
  • All remaining completed passports
  • Your valued feedback