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Change your HSC NetID Password

Password Reset Code via Text Message (Must be Registered)

If you have registered you cellular carrier and number with us or through Help.HSC you may request a text message for a code and to reset your password at by selecting Reset my Password. If you have not registered your information with us and would like to have it registered, please contact the HSC IT Service Desk at 272-1694 or use the instructions below. Your cellular information will remain private and will not be used to contact you or be shared with anyone.

                        Device Registration Instructions            Change Password Instructions

Password Changes for Known Passwords or Challenge Questions

If you know your current password and need to have it changed or if you have setup challenge and response questions to reset your password you can use one of the following methods to change your password.

  • On the HSC Campus (Change Known Password or Challenge and Response)

    To change your password or access your challenge questions from any system on the HSC wired or "HSC_Secure" wireless network -

  • Off of the HSC Campus (Must Know Current Password)

    If you are off campus or accessing the "HSC_Guest" wireless network, please connect to the Citrix Receiver and logon using your HSC credentials. In the windows that opens scroll down and find Change Your Password. Open that to access the change your password page.

View Instructions.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact the HSC IT Service Desk at 505-272-1694 for assistance.