Discovery & Innovation

Delivering Tomorrow's Scientists & Innovators 

Extramural Funding & Rankings

The School of Medicine had $169,048,339 in extramural funding in CY 2019.

The NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center within the School of Medicine and the Clinical Translation Science Center at UNM Health Sciences Center have been critical in these accomplishments along with individual departmental PI’s.

In 2019, the Department of Family and Community Medicine was ranked in the top 10 (9/42) and the Departments of Pathology (19/85) and Neurosciences (17/50) were ranked in the Blue Ridge top 20.

Research Education & Training

As research programs began to develop at the School of Medicine, so too began educational programs to train the next generation of scientists.

These programs include the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs (MS and PhD), the MD/PhD program and more than 100 postdoctoral fellows.

UNM School of Medicine’s Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program prepares graduates for research and success in the modern world of Biological, Medical and Translational Sciences.

The program’s outstanding curriculum is supported by ~68 world-class faculty engaged in nearly every aspect of basic biomedical sciences.

Students choose from multiple research concentrations including Cancer Biology, Cardiovascular Physiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Neurosciences.

UNM School of Medicine faculty also partner with UNM main campus to support its undergraduate Biochemistry major program.