Office of Professional Well-Being

Our office is dedicated to providing initiatives for faculty and learners that improve practice efficiency, enhance a culture of compassion, and promote personal resiliency. We follow Stanford University Medical School’s wellness model to help stem physician burnout—a growing issue nationally.

Our staff focuses on improving professional well-being for medical students, residents and SOM faculty. To that end, we:

  • Promote physician wellbeing while understanding high-quality, patient care provisions.
  • Provide curriculum/resources so physicians/trainees can foster well-being.
  • Support an inclusive learning environment that recognizes and responds to peers/colleagues in need.
  • Identify, champion and evaluate novel strategies for improved student/resident/faculty efficiency of practice.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop/assess individual and institutional wellness intervention impacts.
  • Offer Special Resources for All Front Line Providers During COVID-19 [PDF].

Well-Being Modules to Empower You

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Are You LoboWell?

Learn about a variety of wellness resources offered to students, staff and faculty across all UNM entities.