Biochemistry Education

Why study biochemistry? As our world-renowned faculty prove every day, it’s the science of life – learning about ourselves and our molecular relationship with the environment.


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What Can You Learn?

Biochemists explore the fundamental functions of life:

  • How is food converted into energy or body substances?
  • How is genetic inheritance translated into phenotypically expressed properties?
  • How do enzymes—the biological catalysts—differ in power, specificity and controllability from other catalysts?
  • How are nerve impulses transmitted, and how do we think?
  • What is the chemical basis for health and disease?
  • How are all living creatures similar—and how do we differ?
  • How do pollutants and pesticides affect life on Earth?
  • Can we meet human needs by manipulating the DNA of bacteria, plants and animals?

What Can You Do with Your Degree?

What can't you do? Our graduates can choose from hundreds of hands-on careers. Work in a private or non-profit organization, or continue on to advanced research in molecular biology, microbiology, immunology or another biomedical science.

Take a look at the overview of our biochemistry major [PDF] and check out the American Chemical Society and American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to see where your UNM degree can take you.