Jordan Polander, MD

Hometown: Shreveport, LA

Undergraduate: N/A

Medical School: Louisiana State University

Interests: N/A

I chose The University of New Mexico because of the large volume of experience, the attendings, and most importantly the culture of the program. We get a unique experience here through the main university hospital, our outpatient surgery center, the VA hospital, and our joints hospital. I love training in Albuquerque because I love the outdoors from skiing to backpacking, hunting, and fishing. There aren’t many geographic locations that allow you some of the best versions of these things in your free time to help you recharge and continue to work and train hard in orthopaedic surgery. Outside of medicine, my hobbies and interests include water and snow skiing, hunting and fishing, golf and guitar, with the occasional motorcycles. I enjoy all of these things with my girlfriend and my dog. My girlfriend loves the culture, food, outdoor activities, and scenery. My dog also enjoys tagging along because most of Albuquerque is extremely dog friendly.