Center for Global Health Proudly serving New Mexico and the World

Center for Global Health

The Center for Global Health in UNM’s Department of Internal Medicine is located in the Innovation, Discovery and Training Complex as part of the Health Sciences Center (HSC).

The primary goal of our regional and global activities in the Center for Global Health is to support collaborative networks of multidisciplinary scientists to improve health in communities in New Mexico and around the world.

The Center has a multidisciplinary approach with involvement from faculty across a number of Departments, Schools and Centers at the University of New Mexico and at our international partner sites.

The Center promotes excellence in research, education and clinical service activities through the following objectives:

  • Support and enhance regional and global research activities at the University of New Mexico with a specific focus on priority areas: COVID-19, parasitic diseases, viral diseases, bacterial diseases, emerging infectious diseases and biosafety and biosecurity.
  • Foster collaborative relationships between the University of New Mexico and international partner sites for research, education and service activities.
  • Provide clinical training and research opportunities in Tropical and Global Health for graduate and medical students and postdoctoral fellows.