Basic Science Graduate Program

My laboratory routinely accepts graduate students for training in neuroimmune mechanisms for novel pain therapeutic development. Often, students will graduate within 4.5 years. Depending on research intersts, some students are eligible for support on the T32 Alcohol Research training program, Director, Dr. Fernando Valenzuela.

Undergraduate Student Training

Often, undergraduate students matriculated at the University of New Mexico will seek training in biomedical research to not only gain research experience, but also to build their CVs to become competitive for advanced degree training programs including graduate or medical school. My lab welcomes these highly enthusiastic and motivated students who will play an important role in the progress of my research programs.

University of New Mexico Undergraduate Pipeline Network (UPN)

Director, Jennifer M. Gillette, Ph.D. https://hsc.unm.edu/medicine/education/reo/undergraduate/upn/index.html

The goal of the UPN program is to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to explore their interest in research while helping them attain the skills needed to apply for and eventually succeed in graduate/professional schools. Students accepted into UPN gain the practical experience of applying their academic knowledge, which better prepares them to have a profound effect on the research field. The program accomplishes this over 10 summer weeks, during which students participate full-time in independent research projects, skill-building workshops and structured collaborative activities.  Furthermore, UPN scholars present their research in a statewide poster presentation and are also encouraged to present their work at national conferences.  Together, these experiences prepare our UPN scholars for future academic work in graduate, medical and professional school programs. My laboratory looks forward to accepting UPN scholars most summers.