Family Planning  

Family planning is a voluntary act to prevent, delay or terminate a pregnancy. UNM provides research, education and expert clinical care to help people maintain reproductive health and prevent unintended pregnancies.   

Our Vision 

Our vision is to empower women and girls in the Southwest through optimal reproductive healthWe believe no woman can be free unless she can choose when and how many children to have. 

Our Mission  

  • Provide quality, safe, patient-centered reproductive healthcare and outstanding family planning consultative services with timely access and follow up.  
  •  Provide exceptional family planning training and increase reproductive health knowledge in the local community. 
  • Optimize patient outcomes through innovative and collaborative community-focused reproductive health research. 
  • Engage with community partners to advocate for reproductive justice. 

At UNM, we have a long history of removing barriers to family planning that aren’t based on evidence. We know well the public health burden of unsafe abortion and the suffering of women who experience it. When women have realistic ways to limit childbearing, family size always falls, and infant and maternal lives are saved.