Division of Midwifery 


Train alongside exceptional certified nurse-midwives at UNMMidwives teach and supervise School of Medicine and College of Nursing students, family medicine residents and Ob/Gyn residents. 

CNMs honor our diverse patients' cultural individuality and respect physiologic birth. CNMs attend one-third of all births in New Mexico and lead the way in delivering exceptional care to underserved and rural communities throughout the state. As a resident, you will learn how CNMs center care on what the patient values, thus practicing holistic pregnancy, intrapartum, postpartum, and well-woman care. 

UNM Midwifery maintains outstanding clinical outcomes, including: 

High success rate of vaginal birth after cesarean section 
Low C-section rate (15%) 
Low episiotomy rates 

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Triple AIM Achievement: Midwifery Division 

The UNM Midwives have earned the distinction of a Triple Aim Best Practice by the American College of Nurse MidwivesDefined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the “Triple Aim” includes improving the patient experience, reducing cost of care, and improving the health of populations. Midwifery team members are integral to providing clinical care, education, research and community outreach missions. They lead the way in compassionate care and quality with their focus on the Triple Aim.