Division of Urogynecology 

The urogynecology team at The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates patients with pelvic floor disorders, providing training on a full range of issues including urinary and anal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The urogynecology team includes fellowship trained physicians as well as experienced staff such as nurses, midwives and physical therapists to ensure high quality care as well as learning. 

Our Mission & Future Vision  

The diverse Urogynecology Division provides the highest standard of care in the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. We seek to safely, effectively, and compassionately improve quality of life for our patients and for our community by empowering women to partner in their care. 

Our vision for the future is to be recognized as the premier center for pelvic floor disordersWe'll reach this goal through our quality care, nationally recognized research and educational opportunities that offer incredible career and research futures. We provide a welcoming and safe environment that leads to satisfied patients and fulfilled employees.