Diagnostic Radiology Clerkship

Course #CLNS 882
Credit: Elective-Clinical
Duration: 4 weeks
Note:Not available Winter Break
Students per Rotation: 1
Contact: Jesse Hernandez, 505-272-2119, jjhernandez@salud.unm.edu
Faculty Evaluator: Marc Mabray, MD
Prerequisites: None but Diagnostic Radiology is suggested
Acquaint student with multiple imaging modalities guided by subspecialized faculty.
Become acquainted with:
  • Proper sequencing of radiographic imaging
  • Radiology modalities
  • Best images to order to achieve better patient care while containing costs.

Observational: Observe performance of interventional, GI and GU, and special procedures.  Attend clinical film reading sessions including radiographs, MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine studies.

Clinical: No night/weekend requirements

Optional: Opportunity to dictate radiology studies and/or perform procedures under direct supervision of attending radiologist.

Research: N/A

Teaching: N/A

Required: N/A

Amount and type: Daily
Didactic Content: Lectures, observing procedures, imaging reading, clinical sessions and online learning content.
Evaluation is based on the following criteria:
  • written quiz
  • activity log
  • participation
  • attendance.