"The Teaching Certificate Program has allowed me to discover my true calling in life and to take that dream as far as I want. I feel prepared to be a good academic and scholarly teacher as the next step in my career."




"The science teaching certificate program provided me with insight into a crucial aspect of career development- the teaching process. The coursework, workshops, and mentoring were very informative and useful. My independent project coordinating a seminar and starting an on-line course for graduate students showed me how complex course designing can be. I am very thankful to have had this formal training in science teaching." 



"The science teaching certificate program at UNM played a vital role in my graduate education as it helped me understand the basic concepts of learning and teaching, which will benefit me in the future. I designed and taught my own freshmen level course in Fall 2007. I believe the overall experience from my teaching adventure has immensely helped me in my evolution to a better teacher, scientist and, most importantly, a better person. Currently, I am a post-doctoral fellow at NCI/NIH, Bethesda and continue to enhance my teaching skills by attending relevant workshops on teaching and learning.”



"The teaching certificate program has really been an ideal situation for me. I worked in industry for a very long time and was afforded the great opportunity to serve as a mentor. I found that experience to be very rewarding and even now, it remains as a personal highlight in my professional career. Once
I made the decision to return to academia and pursue an advanced degree, I recognized that I also wanted to explore any opportunities to teach. However, once I enrolled as part of this teaching program, I quickly came to the conclusion that teaching requires much more than being an advocate and confidant for individuals. It requires patience, academic training, and a commitment to continuously refine how you deliver information to students. My independent project was a great first step in being able to develop my own curriculum, and the experience of this effort will serve me well as I enter the academic community."



"The Graduate Certificate in University Science Teaching was an amazing opportunity to gain practical experience and skills in teaching. The program is extremely flexible, and I was able to tailor my independent project and teaching assistant experience to my goals. I developed and taught an upper-division undergraduate course as part of my independent teaching project, gained practical experience developing student assessments, and had the freedom to try an innovative application of problem-based learning in an undergraduate course setting. I've come to appreciate the role that teaching has for every career path in science. The foundation for teaching and instructing I gained with the Graduate Certificate in University Science Teaching will be invaluable for my future career. "