Required Courses and Electives -15 credits total:

Type of Activity Required Courses
(11 Credits)
Elective Courses - Chosen from one or a combination of courses (4 Credits)
Courses and Workshops BIOM 525 CMBD Journal Club (4 Credits), BIOM 540 University Teacher Training (2 Credits) BIOM 544 Human Anatomy (4 Credits), C&J 583 Teaching Assistant Resource Center Course (1 Credit), BIOM 541 Teacher Training Workshops (1 Credit), EdPy472/572, EdPy510,  or LEAD 529 Various Education Courses (3 Credits)
Teaching Practicum BIOM 542 Teaching Assistant Practicum (2 Credits)

BIOM 542 Teaching Assistant Practicum (Variable Credits)

- May be repeated two times as an elective.

Individual Project BIOM 543 Independent Educational Immersion for Teaching Scholars (3 Credits)

BIOM 543 Independent Education Immersion for Teaching Scholars (Variable Credits)

- May be repeated once as an elective.

Teaching Portfolio

Documentation of all activities described above plus a statement of teaching and education philosophy.

  • List of when certificate required courses were completed (Sem & yr) and grade earned
  • Include other teaching workshops or course (if any)
  • Course and director of the Teaching practicum with evaluation included
  • Teaching and education philosophy
  • Statement of career goals
  • Independent Educational Immersion for Teaching Scholars (BIOM 543):
    o   Students
    o   Syllabus
    o   Assignments & discussion
    o   Assessments and grading tools
    o   Sample lectures
    o   Evaluations

Graduate Resource Center Workshops: Calendar

Workshops on a variety of topics for graduate students including; Wellness, Reading Skills and Strategies, Financial Literacy, Time Management, and more.

Office for Medical Educator Development (OMED)

Resources available to students through the Student Health and Counseling Office:

  • Counseling Tips for Students/Parents (and Mentors)
  • Counseling Resources
  • Medical Services (Immunizations, Lab and X-Ray, Acupuncture, etc.)
  • Pharmacy