Undergraduate Research Experience in Biomedical Sciences (UREBS)

The SOMREO Undergraduate Research Experience in Biomedical Sciences (UREBS) program aims to promote future careers in biomedical research by providing UNM undergraduates an opportunity to experience research in labs across the University while earning academic credit.

For each hour of credit in BIOM 410, the student is expected to spend at least 3 hours per week in the laboratory. This program can also be used for students to qualify for Departmental Honors at graduation.


NOTE: Students are not allowed to volunteer in UNM SOM labs due to liability risks. They must be registered for academic credit or on a payroll contract.

Instructions for

Instructions for Students:

When approaching a faculty member to gain research experience in their lab, consider the following:

  • Review the work that is being done in their lab to ensure it is of interest to you.
  • Remember that this could be a beginning to your professional careeer or the next step in your education and treat it as such. Communicate professionally, ensure you can meet the time requirements, and treat all members of the lab with respect ... and expect the same of them.
  • Email is generally the best way to initiate contact. Do this well in advance of when you would like to start. Your potential mentor will need time to consider your request and ensure it is feasible.
  • Include any previous research experience or skills you have, or the lack thereof, and the ones you would like to develop in addition to what is it about the work being done in the lab that interests you.
    • Note that a lack of research experience does not preclude working in a lab but is something that your potential mentor needs to know to ensure an excellent experience for everyone involved.
  • Be honest about your commitments; when and how often you can be in the lab, time off to meet other course needs, outside work, etc.

Once you have reached agreement with your mentor, they will contact SOMREO for assistance with registration.

Instructions for Faculty:

When approached by a UNM undergraduate about doing research hours in your lab, consider the following:

  • Is an undergraduate permitted to work in your lab? Are there any age, BSL restrictions, etc. to the work.
  • Will you or a designated person in your lab have the time to work with the student, both training and day-to-day supervision?
  • What work will they be doing? What skills do they have? Need to develop?
  • How/will they appear in publications?
  • What will be the basis of their grade? BIOM 410 can be offered for either Standard Grading (A+ though F) or for Credit/No Credit.
  • What will they be expected to do? Actual lab duties, reading articles, participating and/or presenting at lab meetings, etc.
  • This is not an exhaustive list.

The BSGP Rotation Agreement is a good model for setting expectations but is designed for an 8-week PhD experience so should be adjusted as needed.

Once you have reached agreement with the student, contact SOMREO for assistance with registration.