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Become a Preceptor

Help us educate the next generation of nurses and shape healthcare in New Mexico.

As you know, nursing education doesn’t stop in the classroom. We depend on our preceptors – our faculty in the community – to provide hands-on education to our nursing students.

Our undergraduate and graduate students depend on healthcare professionals like you. Just like you depended on your preceptors when you were a student. Pay it forward, become a preceptor. Provide our students with the same expertise and guidance that you received as a student.

“I enjoy precepting students for the knowledge it gives me and for the pleasure of seeing my profession through their eyes. It keeps everything new and fresh. Watching them put together the diagnosis process or build confidence as they make the transition from nurse to nurse practitioner let's me know that it is an honor for me to be able to participate in that.”

George Dresden, MSN, ACNP, DNP

Next Steps

Ready to make the commitment or want to know more?

If you are a clinical site interested in undergraduate precepting contact our Clinical Affairs Team (505) 272-4796 or

It you are interested in precepting our Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (APRN) students, fill out the Preceptor Volunteer Form and return it to Robyn Mintz

If you are interested in precepting our nursing administration or education students contact our Clinical Affairs Team (505) 272-4796 or

Thank You

We understand the demands placed on you as a healthcare provider.  We thank you for considering becoming a preceptor. Our programs are successful because of your dedication.

“I feel that we, as providers, possess a great deal of knowledge and expertise which lends us as invaluable resources for teaching those who will likely follow us in our fields. There will always be a need for continuous learning and I hope that other providers will consider sharing their expertise with students.”

Diana Sanchez Gallegos, MSN, ACNP, DNP

Benefits for APRN & DNP Preceptors

APRN & DNP preceptors can take advantage of the Adjunct Faculty appointment benefits package. The package affords you a wide variety of benefits:

  • UNM libraries, including the Health Sciences & Informatics Library (HSLIC):  UNM libraries is the largest academic library system in the state. You will have remote access to their databases, including UpToDate; PubMed; ejournals; and ebooks.  For further details, visit
  • Online Training Modules: Self-paced modules cover topics on preceptor and clinical skills development.
  • UNM’s Learning Central: Online platform for UNM-related training and professional development modules.
  • UNM Recreational Services: Discounted membership on fitness, wellness, and recreational activities for $40 per semester.  A one-time $10.00 charge will be applied for all new or dropped Rec Card memberships.  Learn more about the facilities and available services at
  • Dell Computer Discount:  Special savings of up to 12% on laptops, desktops, printers and other electronics.


Preceptors will be eligible for Adjunct Faculty appointments after having met the following requirements:

  • served for one rotation, practice intensive or practicum for a minimum of 50 hours;
  • submitted a current College of Nursing Data Form and CV;
  • maintained responsibility for direct supervision of the student;
  • completed required College of Nursing evaluations;
  • been formally reviewed by the student and, when applicable, the site visitor or faculty of record using the College of Nursing’s (CON’s) evaluation tools.

The appointment will be valid for one year. Requests for renewal will be considered for providers who commit to continued service. Consideration also will be given to co-preceptors who do not have primary supervisory responsibilities if they have precepted for more than 50 hours during a term or an academic year.

Access Your Benefits

Already an APRN or DNP preceptor and want to take advantage of the benefits available to you? Fill out the Benefits Request Form and your data form – Nursing Professional data form or Non-Nursing Professional data form – and submit it to

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As the No. 1 nursing school in New Mexico, we don’t just educate nurses. We change the entire field of nursing. We educate inquisitive professionals who improve patient care. Our nurses are scientists who find smarter methods of serving the people of our state.

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